Main Ingredients in Dr.TeaTM

  • Nagarmotha(Cyperus Rotundus)
  • Sonti(Ginger)
  • Triphala Extract
  • Tagar(Valeriana Walilichi)
  • Musta,Pepper;Ppili
  • Baibidang Extract(Embella Ribes) Or Baividang
  • Green tea


  • Increases the Metabolism
  • Boosts the Energy
  • 100% Natural and Nourishing
  • Stay Fit & Lose Weight
  • Enhances Mind-Body Wellness
  • It Destroys The Stubborn Fat Groups, Break Down Fat And Make It Burning
  • Strengthens Your Immune System
  • Melt Away Body Fat; Boost Energy
  • Clarify Skin, Giving Your Face A Clear, Radiant Glow
  • Fast Effective And Free Of Risk
  • Make Your Skin Firm, Smooth And Delicate With A Variety Of Nutrients and Vitamins
  • Quick Result
  • Amazing Effects Of The Slimming Tea